Project Summary
Inspection in aggressive environments is time-consuming, dangerous and expensive. EGC is a low-cost, autonomous robot platform based on Cadscan’s novel, patent-pending 3D imaging technology. This uses multi-illuminator phase-shifting to capture high resolution imagery inexpensively using just an array of LEDs, a printed mask and a camera. The sensing system will help navigate the robot and to construct a detailed survey of the environment.

Making the platform low cost is an important enabler when harsh environments limit operational lifetime. Lowering costs also means that multiple robots can be deployed simultaneously, cooperating to survey the environment much faster than individual units. We will focus primarily on ground-based platforms, although the sensor is suitable for drones too.

Project Status
Proof-of-concept has now been established and a further phase of development is currently being planned.

System benefits

  • Automated scanning process.
  • Various room perspectives.
  • Creates 2D occupancy grids.
  • 3D maps of complex environments.
  • Real-time feed of data acquisition
  • Patented DepthPhase® technology.
  • Users can remotely control the robot.