Imprints orthotics

Personalised, 3D printed Orthotics
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Bespoke orthotics

3D printed orthotics automatically designed using the patient’s foot shape and load profile to reduce peak plantar pressures.

Automated design

Based on a patent-pending algorithm, the Imprints system automatically designs orthotics using biomechanical principles to prevent both primary and secondary ulcer formation in moderate to high-risk diabetic patients. The insoles are manufactured from a flexible material, with different density zones matched to the patient’s load profile to provide effective pressure reduction. The resulting orthoses are low-cost and designed to be used in everyday footwear.

Superior Durability

3D Printing process


The Imprints semi-load bearing foot scanner uses a live feed to capture the foot profile and pressure zones in seconds.


Proprietary, patent-pending algorithms are used to automatically design orthotics with different density zones


Imprints orthotics are manufactured in under 2 hours hours using our 3D printing technology.