Design form-fitting orthotics.

Designed by you

Design and order 3D printed orthotics for your clients to your own specifications using Imprints online software. Designed by you to meet your patients specifications. 3D printer-ready. 

3D Printer-Ready

The orthotics can be tailored for sports, comfort and/or medical purposes to meet any prescriptive requirements. Quick and easy-to-use, Imprints orthotics can be shipped directly in as little as 48 hours

Web-based, remote software. Design anywhere.

3D Printing process


All feet are unique. The first step of the production process is to capture the complete foot shape and profile with Cadscan’s handheld 3D scanner.


The Imprints expert orthotics design software is created to facilitate multiple prescriptive specifications. Clinicians can design insoles to meet various specific requirements which are then sent to Cadscan for printing.


Download your print-ready file and make the insole.