Attain, an augmented reality (AR) toolkit for lessons

What is the Attain educational toolkit?

Attain is a new multi-user Augmented Reality (AR) toolkit engineered to monitor, gain and retain the attention of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the classroom and/or any other learning environments. The educational toolkit empowers teachers with a set of Augmented Reality tools that can be integrated into their teaching to improve student attention. It’s purpose is to improve the educational outcome of autistic children, make a positive impact to their long-term prospects and improve the efficiency of special needs education in schools.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality is the enhancement of an existing environment through the use of audio-visual computer-generated content (sounds, graphics etc.). AR overlays digital information into physical objects or environments resulting in a mixed reality.

The Attain educational toolkit includes audio-visual assets that can be placed around the classroom to support lessons, as well as sets of games designed to develop attention skills. Attain’s educational content was developed alongside input from educational psychologists, special educational needs (SEN) teachers, autistic children and C2K IT experts. For more information on its enabling factors for teachers read more.

How can teachers use the Attain educational toolkit?

Teachers can quickly integrate engaging, immersive content into their everyday teaching, helping them to command and develop the pupils’ attention, make learning fun, and to reward positive behaviour. At present, content has been developed for children aged 3-10 in primary and SEN schools. A set of individual and/or multiplayer educational games have also been developed to support the curriculum by focusing on reading, numeracy and communication.

The Attain educational toolkit includes a large library of 3D assets so they can be chosen to match the child’s interests, in-line with clinical recommendations. Additional assets can be uploaded by teachers, while the games are adaptable so that anything from cars to trains to animals or toys can be used. In contrast to conventional board games with a small set of assets (~20 cards). Attain can have unlimited customisation. Teachers can customise each game, set diminishing degrees of  instruction and increase difficulty (progress). The toolkit features individual and cooperative modes, and be designed to prompt and reward improvements. Teachers will also be able to modify content to fit with the class or individual’s preferences. It is designed to run on a standard, low-cost tablet PC.

Augmented Reality toolkit

What was the feedback to Attain’s educational app user trial?

During initial user trials, a great deal of positive feedback was received from teachers. A large majority were keen on gamification, the ability to design content themselves easily and using Attain as a tool for pupils as a part of “First-Then”. The fact that the pupils would become so engaged with the tablets would increase their attention span over time. The technology could also be used for training fine motor skills, by having pupils lead virtual animals around the room.

Where can I find the Attain educational toolkit

For information on Attain’s educational toolkit, please contact us directly at

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