3D scanner to support wound healing

Cadscan is currently developing a Tablet-PC based multispectral imaging system designed to improve wound care, assessments and documentation for nurses and other healthcare professionals. The wound management device quickly captures wound volume and bacterial presence, documents the healing process and provides best-practice treatment advice.


Wound management.

At present, the treatment and management of wounds is a significant burden for healthcare providers. A recent study by Guest et al exploring the health economic burdens that wounds impose suggests the NHS treats an estimated 2.2 million wounds per year, at an annual cost of £5.3 billion. More challenges for healthcare professionals arise due to shortage of nurses, variable standards of care and the rate of wound healing.


3D Scanner

Our wound management scanner is a non-invasive way to address these challenges. By providing an automated, portable and easy-to-use system, we intend to strengthen the clinician’s ability to consistently, easily and safely capture measurable data at the point of care.



Julian F Guest, Dadia Ayoub, Tracey Mcllwraith, Ijeoma Uchegbu, Alyson Gerrish, Diana Weidlich, Kathryn Vowden, Peter Vowden, Health economic burdens that wounds impose on the National Health Service in the UK, (2015), British Medical Journal.


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