Augmented Reality (AR) educational app for teachers: Attain

Cadscan have developed Attain, a new multi-user Augmented Reality (AR) toolkit designed to capture, monitor and retain attention in the classroom. It equips teachers with a powerful, yet easy-to-use application that allows them to create audio-visual content that is engaging and can recapture attention. Attain brings animated characters with interactive abilities into the classroom to create a memorable, meaningful and engaging experience. Its interactive capabilities are designed to support the curriculum by focusing on reading, numeracy and communication. Lessons and scenarios can also be designed by the teacher using a library of 3D assets, this improves the teacher’s capability to adapt content to individual/group based learning preferences.


Augmented reality is the enhancement of an existing environment through the use of audio-visual computer-generated content (sounds, graphics etc.). In essence, AR overlays digital information onto physical objects or environments, resulting in a mixed reality. This information can be displayed on various devices namely mobile phones, tablets, smart-glasses etc. simplifying scalability.

The adoption of augmented reality applications could be considered “moderate”. For some, the concept remains abstract, at times perceived as science-fiction. However, the past decade has seen a rise in the attention and adoption rate of AR applications, particularly in the serious-gaming industry. Augmented Reality has the potential to create new experiences of the World and provide out-of-reach opportunities for; teaching, learning, training, research and creative curiosity. It has a strong potential to create student-centered learning experiences which in turn simplifies two-way-communication and feedback.


According to the department for education, children with special educational needs are 7 times more likely than a neurotypical student to receive a permanent exclusion and 9 times more likely to receive a fixed period of exclusion.

Attain has been purposefully designed to improve the educational outcomes of autistic children. By combining serious gaming and augmented reality, Attain supports teachers in creating positive learning experiences, long-term prospects and may potentially improve the efficiency of SEN schools. Attain will also facilitate teachers in creating engaging and immersive content that makes learning fun, enjoyable and rewarding. Most importantly, it allows students to conceptualise difficult to understand topics which can positively impact learning experiences.

The use of Attain on handheld devices (mobile phones and tablets) reduces the likelihood of over-stimulating users whilst allowing teachers to easily coordinate classroom activities. Alongside our software engineers, Attain has been developed alongside input from educational psychologists, special educational needs teachers, autistic children and C2K IT experts.



Cadscan are proposing an engaging, easy-to-use lesson planning interface to support the execution of excellent pedagogical strategies. Through Attain’s fully bespoke, dedicated lesson planning interface, teachers can effortlessly create quality learning experiences for students using 3D objects, pre-existing content, notes and customisable timeslots. The interface is designed to efficiently organise, coordinate and execute the educator’s planned activities in a smooth and efficient manner.


The field of serious gaming has been growing rapidly over the last decade, with an increasing interest from those in medicine, training and simulations. The increasing popularity of AR and VR technology has partially contributed to this increase.

Attain offers a unique set of educational games, diligently constructed for educational purposes. The games are not intended to be played primarily for amusement, rather, support the existing curriculum by focusing on numeracy, reading and communication. The teacher also has authority to modify content to fit with the lesson plan, the class and/or individual’s preferences.

The teacher’s capability to place 3D content anywhere in the room suggests pupils can be exposed to wonderful augmented reality objects in the World around them via digital platforms. This will improve conceptualisation of difficult to grasp topics, whilst intriguing the child to listen more. The 3D content and/or instructions are also visible to each pupil to enable students to work comfortably at their own pace. These educational games can also be played at both single and multiplayer levels to facilitate joint attention, a shared objective but most importantly increase the user’s confidence in teamwork. By facilitating collaborative learning, Attain could potentially contribute heavily toward a favourable classroom climate and positive behaviour management.

The educational games provided are not only designed to be immersive, but interactive. All games require multisensory engagement to complete tasks which can be a combination of  audial, visual or kinesthetic styles (dependent on teacher). This is likely to appeal to various learning styles and equips the teacher with a strong capability to gain, assess and control attention in the classroom.

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