Cubik®| Full Colour 3D Scanner

Perfect for detailed 3D scanning of small objects.  Full auto-alignment and calibration make it easy to produce fully water-tight meshes ready for 3D printing.

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Easy to use & low cost

The Cubik® 3D Scanner has been designed to make 3D scanning as simple as possible for a fraction of the cost of other structured-light systems. Just place your object into the scanner and click scan to produce a 3D model in minutes.

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Key Features

Automatic 3D Scanner

360 degree scanning with no alignment or calibration required.

High Precision

Dual 5MP DepthPhase® scanning heads for high resolution, full colour digitisation.

Structured Light

DepthPhase® brings structured white-light scanning to your desktop for a fraction of the cost of similar systems.


The Cubik® 3D Scanner is perfect for reverse engineering, prototype development, building databases of 3D objects, object replication, generating virtual world content and so much more!


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DepthPhase® is a patented, unique and revolutionary new way to scan in 3D. It provides the powerful performance of structured white-light scanning used in engineering and dentistry for a fraction of the price.

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Cadscan develops high quality, low-cost, easy-to-use 3D scanning systems.  We combine these with other technologies to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for healthcare and other industries.

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